Dale Farm: Space To Be

A story I wrote for HUCK#30 – the Public Space Issue.

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4 responses to “Dale Farm: Space To Be

  1. Hello.. It seems a lot of mystery still surrounds Irish Travellers. You don’t really mention the Localism Act, do you think the representations you mentioned are informing locals’ opinions that are feeding into this localist approach?

    • Hey greenmeerkat! Thanks for getting in touch. The Localism Act was just going through when we went to print so it didn’t make it into this story. In answer to your question… Do I think negative representations of Irish Travellers in media/popular culture will feed into the ways communities are now locally governed? Yes, I’m afraid I do. There seems, to me, to be a deep-seated prejudice against Irish Travellers and their way of life that manifests in the ways these communities are controlled. The public perception is not good. The reality is problematic too. But I don’t believe the solution is to divide and rule. As Hancock said, integration and acceptance could lead to a more peaceful and multicultural resolution.

  2. I’m quite interested in the implications of Localism on Irish Travellers at the moment, for that same reason. Great article, thanks.

  3. Thank you. Let me know if your research leads you to anything interesting re Localism. Would love to hear more. Cheers, Shelley

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